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Daniel Elizalde

Daniel Elizalde Product Leadership Coach & Advisor Daniel Elizalde is a Product Executive with over 20 years of experience managing the lifecycle of complex Enterprise and Industrial products in many industries, including CleanTech, Manufacturing, and Automotive. Daniel has held various leadership positions, including VP, Head of IoT at Ericsson, and Head of Products at Stem (a GE backed energy storage startup in Silicon Valley). Today, Daniel works as an independent coach helping product leaders and their teams drive product innovation from idea to commercialization. As part of his coaching practice, Daniel has trained over 1,200 product professionals to drive enterprise and industrial products via his online courses and his popular classes on IoT Product Management at Stanford University. As a recognized thought leader, Daniel is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and top industry outlets. Daniel runs the #1 blog on IoT and B2B Product Management. He is also the host of the insightful Enterprise Product Leadership podcast, where he engages in deep-dive conversations with some of the top Product Leaders in the world on how to drive B2B product innovation. You can learn more about Daniel, including his blog, podcast, and online courses at danielelizalde.com.

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How to Differentiate Your IoT Product: Provide Insights Not Data

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