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ELIFTECH is a trusted and ambitious global technology service company that designs, builds, and implements effective software technology solutions, fulfilling the needs of customers’ businesses.

ElifTech is a young, ambitious, and trusted global technology service company that designs, builds, and implements effective software technology solutions supplying the needs of your business.

We cover all aspects of software product development using the latest technologies and frameworks and quickly adjust to customers’ demands. Our approach combines research, design, and development to rapidly solve problems, create and test prototypes and launch a product into the market in an iterative way. We create intelligent applications that connect people, systems, devices, and data. ElifTech is a team of continuously evolving technophiles that transform business ideas into valuable high-tech products.

Our mission: To help you build the best products and empower you with innovations to gain a competitive edge to serve the most demanding user needs. Our business is built on a passion for technology and true commitment to our customers. We have a simple motivation when it comes to delivering our service to clients – bringing the best value and doing it better every time

Awards: + Top 500 Leading B2B Service Provider in Poland and Ukraine, Clutch, 2018 + Top Software Development Company in Ukraine, GoodFirms, 2017 + Upwork Best Agency 2016 Lviv: Web, Mobile & Software Development


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React’s compositional structure, separation of concerns, and lifecycle methods make it effective for UIs and developing smaller IoT projects. But it's a poor choice for complex IIoT systems.
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JavaScript vs. Golang for IoT: Is Gopher Winning?

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7 Reasons Why the AWS IoT Platform is Great for IoT Startups

When the hoopla around launching an Internet of Things (IoT) startup fades, reality kicks in. Entrepreneurs realize with dread that choosing an IoT platform is not a piece of cake; neither is conne...

5 Reasons to Use .NET for your Next IoT Project

Roughly 10 years ago, when the Internet of Things (IoT) was in its infancy, only a small number of enthusiasts were exploring IoT development. Today, people are increasingly interested in IoT; some...
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