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Guest writers who are especially keen on exploring IoT and related technologies, whether from an enterprise or a cultural/social perspective, occasionally share their insights with the IoT industry through IoT For All. If you're interested in being featured as a guest writer, submit your article through this portal, and we'll get back to you within one week.

5 Weird IoT Asset Tracking Use Cases

IoT is typically associated with smart homes or vehicles. One compelling (but perhaps lesser known) use case is asset tracking. IoT can enable items to be tracked anywhere at any time. It can also provide valuable information on the item’s state and environment, including the level of humidity or light exposure, or evidence of tampering.

What Is IIoT Edge Computing?

What is edge computing for IIoT? It's a powerful technology that can serve IIoT use cases. It has progressed dramatically in recent years.

How AI and ML Are Changing Digital Marketing

Companies are leveraging AI-powered business analytics to guide their digital transformations. AI and ML are causing a paradigm shift in digital marketing.

How to Use IoT to Protect Our Homes and Cities from Climate Change

Cities are now mitigating damage from natural disasters using IoT-driven technologies. Here's how IoT is being used in flood and fire response efforts.

Technology Now Drives Interior Design

Interior Design has been around since prehistoric times. This article explores how technology is causing a paradigm shift in the way we design spaces.

6 Criteria for Choosing the Best IoT Application Development Firm

How should you choose the best IoT application development company? From communication styles to specific technical qualifications, this is your guide.