Roland Atoui, Author at IoT For All

Roland Atoui

Roland Atoui is an expert in cybersecurity and the Internet of Things (IoT) having recognized achievements working for companies such as Gemalto and Oracle with a background in both research and industry. From smart cards to smartphones to IoT technologies. Roland is a new technology enthusiast with a current mission to bring trust to the IoT. After following an Executive MBA education at EDHEC business school in France he founded Red Alert Labs – an IoT security firm addressing both technical and commercial cybersecurity challenges in IoT.

IoT Security in the Medical Industry

In the last few years, cyberattacks on medical institutions have increased and disrupted the entire healthcare system.

Why We Need Safety, Resilience, and Security Integrated in IoT Regulation

It's becoming increasingly essential to create robust IoT security regulations that won't be made obsolete by the advancement of technology.

IoT Security for Smart Airports and Aviation Systems

Implementing advanced cybersecurity measures is a necessity in airports to maintain standards that keep the airport and passengers safe.