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Augury is building a world where people can always rely on the machines that matter. Augury supports its customers by enabling Digital Transformation through superior insights into the health and performance of the machines they use to make products, deliver services, and improve lives.

Insight Driven Manufacturing

4 Steps for Transitioning to Insight-Driven Manufacturing

Insight-driven manufacturing is a subset of Industry 4.0, focused on using automated insights to make better decisions across operations.
building products industry

Why All Manufacturers Should Survey the Building Products Industry

We can learn from leaders in the building products industry who are taking charge of their own futures and embracing predictive technologies.
factory digital transformation

The Factory of the Future Will Be Resilient

Predictive maintenance and Machine Health solutions can help manufacturers boost resilience in the face of disruption.
Predictive Downtime

3 Ways Predictive Maintenance Can Reduce Unplanned Downtime

Unplanned downtime used to feel inevitable before the era of predictive maintenance driven by IoT-based machine health monitoring.
Industrial Revolution

The Dawn of the Next Industrial Revolution

Manufacturing is now going through a fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) driven by digital technologies.
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