Best AI Tools for Video Creation

Nikolai Schiller
Best AI Tools for Video Creation
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Video is a powerful marketing tool for any business, but not everyone has the skills or the budget for top-tier video content with motion graphics and VFX. That is why in this article, I will be listing some of the best AI tools for video creation that can help you create better videos faster. Whether you want to make animations or training videos or you want to launch a podcast, this list has an AI tool for you.

#1: Descript


Descript is a powerful video and audio editing tool that’s especially good for podcasts. It can automatically transcribe your videos with impressive accuracy (I would say ~95 percent depending on the audio). It uses AI to apply an audio effect called Studio Sound, which makes your average audio sound like it was recorded in a studio. So, with one click, you can make a podcast that sounds great without the cost of a studio or expensive equipment.

Descript also has a feature called Overdub, which allows you to train an AI to clone your voice or another person’s voice, so you can seamlessly dub over any part of a recording. Instead of getting someone to re-record something, you can just type what you wanted them to say and then their voice clone will say it.

It’s easier than ever to start a high-quality podcast. More and more businesses are utilizing podcasts to increase brand awareness and establish domain expertise. If your business already serves a niche, why not make a podcast for that niche?

#2: Runway


Runway is an AI video editor with tons of AI-enabled features. It can automatically remove green screen backgrounds and do motion tracking, things that traditionally took hours of tedious work. Another impressive feature is the ability to remove people and objects from video seamlessly. Runway can expedite the video editing process and save you from reshoots.

Runway’s biggest claim to fame is their Gen-2 Text-to-video model. Text-to-video is the next frontier of Generative AI. Imagine being able to generate any kind of video you want from a simple text prompt. While Gen-2 isn’t perfect yet, it has the potential to make professional, cinema-level production accessible to anyone.

#3: Synthesia


Don’t have cameras, microphones, or actors? Synthesia is an AI video generation platform that provides a library of AI avatars (based on scans of real people) that you can use to read your script. It’s perfect for any video that presents information like onboarding, training, and courses. Their AI voices are also quite good and sound natural. They have templates for common use cases to get you started. All you need is a script and their text-to-speech and lip-syncing will do the rest.

Another feature is you can have an avatar made of yourself or someone else, saving you from having to do your own recordings. Just make an avatar of yourself, and then you can scale your unique persona infinitely.

#4: Screen Story

Screen Story

Made by Lemons, the studio that makes those cool animated screen recordings for tech and blockchain companies, Screen Story enables you to easily do the same. If you’re trying to make promo videos for Product Hunt, demos, or tutorials, then this tool will boost your production values without any animation expertise. It uses AI to automatically do smooth zoom-ins and follow your cursor. It animates your cursor and can apply motion blur to all the animations. You can even add a background to your screen recording to match your branding.

Currently only available on Mac OS, but they’re working on a Windows version!

#5: Kaiber


We’ve all seen certain brands go the extra mile with very creative and artistic visual storytelling and animation. Kaiber makes it easy and affordable to create artistic video content for your brand that stands out from the rest. One of its main features is Audioreactivity, which allows you to upload a song, and it will sync the animation of the visuals to the beat and rhythm of the song. You can also generate animated scenes from text prompts and transform the look of live-action footage with stylistic filters. Kaiber is also useful for storyboarding.

#6: Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs

One of the handiest tools I’ve used, Topaz Labs has a suite of photo and video upscaling tools powered by AI. Topaz Video AI can convert blurry, low-resolution video to 4K and 8K at 60 FPS. The results are impressive and can save you from having to buy a 4K or 8K camera. With this tool, anyone can deliver high-resolution video.

Start Creating

AI will democratize content creation and enable video to scale in unprecedented ways. Now, any business can produce high-quality videos for their product or service. These tools will only improve. So, start creating and experimenting with these tools to see how they can enhance your content and accelerate you past the competition.

Nikolai Schiller
Nikolai Schiller
Nikolai is a full-stack content creator able to take a project from pre to post. With a focus on video, he's also done work in graphic design, web design and development, and game design. He is interested in using video to communicate information ...
Nikolai is a full-stack content creator able to take a project from pre to post. With a focus on video, he's also done work in graphic design, web design and development, and game design. He is interested in using video to communicate information ...