The Best of IoT For All: The Top 10 Articles of 2017

Isabel Harner
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We’re looking back on a great year of learning and sharing knowledge on all things IoT. We’re so grateful to our readers and all of our contributors who have shared their insights and expertise with the world.

What was top-of-mind for IoT industry professionals this year? What trends and predictions were they reading about, and what concerns were they looking to address? Find out here, with our top 10 most popular posts from 2017.

#10: What’s the Difference Between Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT?

What differentiates IIoT from consumer-oriented applications such as smart fridges and air conditioners? Here are some important distinctions to help delineate the boundary between consumer and industrial IoT ecosystems.

#9: What is Narrowband IoT?

Our #9 top read of the year dives into Narrowband IoT, the proposed LPWAN technology that doesn’t operate in the LTE construct. Many predicted that NB-IoT will become the best LPWAN option.

Read the article to learn 5 benefits it could provide to businesses as well as some potential obstacles you may encounter while using the technology in IoT solutions.

#8: The Benefits of LPWAN Technology vs. Other IoT Connectivity Options

And speaking of LPWAN technology, our #8 top read of the year is all about its benefits. We wrote a definitive guide on the class of IoT connectivity known as LPWAN (low-power wide-area networks), providing an overview of the technology, including what it is and what the benefits are when compared to other IoT connectivity options.

#7: Takeaways from Internet of Things World 2017

Coming in at #7 is our recap of the 2017 Internet of Things World Conference in Santa Clara. We heard about customer value, partnerships, edge computing, and security issues. Will these trends and predictions hold up in 2018?

#6: How to Apply Machine Learning to IoT

The 6th most popular post in 2017 was about one of the biggest buzzwords of the year: machine learning. There are some really interesting ways that machine learning could be applied to the Internet of Things.

#5: The Huge Vulnerability Discovered in the Ring Doorbell

We’ve heard a lot about IoT security failures this year, and solving the IoT security issue one of the biggest opportunities in the industry. Our #5 top read is about the huge vulnerability that was exposed in the Ring Doorbell back in March. The company was sending data to China, creating a potential back-door into the Ring device by opening a hole in the Wi-Fi network the Ring is on. Have we made progress in securing the Internet of Things since then?

#4: 5 Worst IoT Security Hacks of All Time

Proving that IoT security is top of mind for many industry leaders, the #4 most-read article of the year provides 5 of the worst IoT security hacks of all time. If you’re in the IoT space, this article will help you understand these hacks and vulnerabilities. They’ll open your eyes to how the future could (and likely will) look, and prompt consideration on why devices must be secured today.

#3: The Difference Between AI, ML, and DL

Coming in at #3 is a simple and non-technical explanation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, and the differences between them.

#2: Comparison of LoRa, SigFox, RPMA, and other LPWAN Technologies

Our 2nd most popular article of the year is on arguably the most critical part of many IoT applications: connectivity. After reading this, you’ll know whether LPWAN is right for your IoT application and, if it is, how you can best move forward.

#1: 8 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Succeed in IoT

And last but not least, the #1 most read article of the year provides great advice for succeeding in the world of IoT. This post describes eight things vendors should stop doing, and what they should be doing instead. 

Thanks again for reading, sharing, and contributing to this awesome community! We are excited for 2018 and all the new technologies and innovations to come!

Isabel Harner
Isabel Harner
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.