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Which IoT Applications will Benefit Most from Edge Computing?

Edge computing is growing in popularity. We look at which IoT applications stand to benefit most from this technology.

Will Beacons Make a Difference for Commerce at Sports Venues?

Beacons enable targeted marketing based on geolocation and user preferences and help boost sales during sport and entertainment events.
Two people kicking a soccer ball

Summer of Soccer: How Will 5G and IoT Change The Beautiful Game?

5G and IoT could bring major changes to soccer over the coming years. Could this summer be the last time we experience soccer as we know it?
A rhino and a an art statue

IoT Helps Museums Save Art, Artifacts, Animals and Resources

Institutions are leveraging IoT to achieve a wide range of efficiencies. Museums use it to protect priceless art and artifacts. Zoos use it to keep animals healthy, and park rangers use IoT to combat poaching.
Image of hands up at a concert

IoT Applications in the Music Industry

As IoT continues to unlock value in industrial and consumer markets, we'll see useful IoT applications emerge in the consumer music space.
Image of Steph Curry and Russell Wilson in front of a graphic of sun rays

IoT Applications in Sports

IoT wearables are helping athletes improve their game, teams plan better strategies, and fans better experience the stadium and the game.
Woman listening to music on headphones

IoT Applications in the Music Industry

IoT applications in the music industry go far beyond smart speakers and wearables. Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt, explains how IoT impacts composing, performance and recording, and much more.
March Madness IoT

March Madness or Hoop Genius? You Make the Call

I hang out with several die-hard college hoop fans and former players that have an extra bounce in their collective steps this...