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IoT Applications in the Music Industry

As IoT continues to unlock value in industrial and consumer markets, we'll see useful IoT applications emerge in the consumer music space.
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IoT Applications in Sports

IoT wearables are helping athletes improve their game, teams plan better strategies, and fans better experience the stadium and the game.
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IoT Applications in the Music Industry

IoT applications in the music industry go far beyond smart speakers and wearables. Sergey Bludov, SVP of Media and Entertainment Practice at DataArt, explains how IoT impacts composing, performance...
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5 Ways the Travel Industry Is Embracing IoT

Airlines now allow smart device flight check-ins, car rentals use IoT to monitor their fleets and IoT-enabled luggage trackers to help you out.

Why is AR/VR Synonymous with Gaming?

There is one common theme in the conversations I have with those I corner and force to listen as I spout endlessly about augmented and virtual reality: the general public has connected these futu...