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Transforming an Old, $1T Industry with IoT

The buildings we work and live in are old. Most buildings remain energy inefficient, hard to maintain, and not comfortable for their occupants. Not...

IoT for Smart Buildings Isn’t What You Think It Is

Traditionally, there hasn’t been any reason to connect the internet to building automation systems. The HVAC, lighting, fire protection, and other systems work on...

Google Cloud Platform Opens Doors for IoT Acceleration

After the public beta of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) IoT Core was released in September, IoT companies have been strongly supporting the platform and...

App Fatigue in Smart Homes and Smart Apartments

I was recently at a friend’s house for an end of summer pool party with the kids. Like many in single family homes today,...

4 Ways IoT Changes the Financial Services Industry

With 8.4 billion connected gadgets worldwide, the Internet of Things is no longer a Sci-Fi concept – it is the reality we live in....
smart building technology with iot solutions and applications

IoT Enables Smart Building Technology For The Other 90%

The largest buildings in the world have had smart building technology for years. It’s delivered by market leaders such as Honeywell, JCI, and Schneider....


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