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How to Prepare Your Company for the Coming IoT Boom

The Internet of Things (IoT) is exploding. Analysts expect there to be more than 50 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020, and...

How to Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey in 6 Steps

The most discussed topic in business today is digital transformation, but it begs the question: Why? Before we embark on the journey of digital transformation, let...

How Will IIoT Create More Shareholder Value?

How will IIoT drive more sales?This question stalls many industrial IoT projects.How will IIoT create more shareholder value?Now that is a much better question.Successful...

How Are Digital Transformation Strategies Changing?

Digital Transformation Trends: Focused Efforts in Critical Times Welcome to the digital age! It's a perfect storm of epic proportion. Technology trends such as AI,...

IIoT Analytics are Just Numbers, Unless You Solve a Business Problem

We just deployed a great new reporting tool.What's so great about it?It provides us reports about our key business metrics including revenue, service events,...

Move Your Data from the Basement to the Boardroom

According to IDG, 35% of companies with effective data grow faster year-over-year, however, many still take little notice of data quality or ongoing data management, pushing it into the deepest...

Stop Doing Nothing and Get Your Cybersecurity House In Order

With another major data breach hitting the headlines, it's time to take action."...the data was sitting in an Amazon Web Services storage "bucket," left open...

Transforming an Old, $1T Industry with IoT

The buildings we work and live in are old. Most buildings remain energy inefficient, hard to maintain, and not comfortable for their occupants. Not...

What To Do With Your IoT Data in 2018

IoT data will account for 10 percent of all the data registered globally in 2020, according to IDC market intelligence firm. Yet, adopters of...

Using AR & VR for Enterprise Innovation

In Part 1 we identified unmet needs in the marketplace — the things that people love and hate about the jobs they’re doing. Whether you’re creating...


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