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IoT Analytics: Preventing the Collapse of a Post-Coronavirus World

Tracking the pandemic with smart cities and apps. Changing the landscape of healthcare with automatization.

5 Tips to Prevent Your IoT Project from Taking a Wrong Turn

In 2019, Microsoft surveyed three thousand IT team leaders involved in IoT projects and reached a disappointing conclusion. It turns out 30% of IoT projects stall at the Proof of Concept (PoC) stag...

Entering the New Age Through Touchless Access Control

Access control solutions are quickly evolving and changing thanks in large part to the Coronavirus pandemic. Workplaces and offices are increasingly searching for secure solutions that will help em...

How is Coronavirus Making the Data Science & AI Field Reactive?

Even amidst million reports on coronavirus affecting the world adversely, there is one little ray of hope. The hope of data science and AI being into play to help predict and prevent the outbreak w...

10 Ways AI is Transforming the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence is continuing to change customers' expectations and the buying process. From automated content recommendations to voice-enabled shopping and customer eye-tracking, companies...