CES 2019 Preview: 10 Must-See Products

There are thousands of products on display this year at CES. As IoT For All prepares to fly out to CES, we wanted to share with you 10 products we're excited to see at the show!

Shannon Lee
Illustration: © IoT For All

CES typically brings up two emotions: excitement for the new products being displayed and dread for those of us who spend hours a day walking miles around the city of Las Vegas hoping to experience the next big thing in consumer technology. Over the years, CES has become synonymous with the biggest names in tech stealing the spotlight with products that are ready for market and those that are merely prototypes with the hope of someday making an impact.

It’s impossible to narrow down the tens of thousands of products on display at CES. Nonetheless, as the IoT For All team was getting ready to fly out to CES, we put together a list of 10 products we’re really excited to check out, even though they represent a fraction of what CES has to offer this week!

Vuze XR Camera by HumanEyes


Image of Vuze XR Camera
Image Credit: HumanEyes

Vuze VR cameras allow its users to create both a shareable and immersive experience through its dual-mode camera that is both portable and easy-to-use. With the ability to transition between 3D VR180 and 2D 360° modes with a simple click, the Vuze XR is the perfect addition to any amateur or professional photographer looking to take their video and photo experiences to the next level.

Check out Vuze at LVCC, South Hall 1, Booth 21411

ITRI Hybrid Power Drone

ITRIs Hybrid Power Drone with High Payload and Duration Image
Image Credit: ITRI

The ITRI Hybrid Power Drone is an octocopter that has the ability to change the way many of today’s industries operate. The agriculture industry will benefit from its high payload and its ability to carry granular fertilizers to provide plant protection. First responders will benefit greatly from its ability to take aerial photography and provide infrastructure inspections.

Check out ITRI at Eureka Park, Sands, Hall G, Booth 52443

Bosch Autonomous Connected Pod

Image of Bosch Autonomous Shuttle
Image Credit: Bosch

Chances are we’ll see a lot of autonomous vehicles (AVs) unveiled this year at CES. Bosch is betting big by predicting that there could be up to one million on-demand shuttles on the road by 2020. Fully autonomous vehicles won’t become mainstream for some time, but Bosch’s Autonomous Connected Pod is both electric and autonomous and could be the next phase in ride sharing. With its connected digital services allowing passengers to share rides, book vehicles, and pay for their trip in one place, the connected pod is everything to which we’ve grown accustomed but on a new level (WiFi, concierge services, digital footprint recognition, etc.). With the use of sensors and algorithms to interpret the resulting data, the pod knows when and where it needs to be charged, and it can adapt its driving style in real-time.

Check out Bosch at LVCC, Central Hall, Booth 14020

Kohler Konnect

Image of Kohler Numi Konnect Bathroom
Image Credit: Kohler

Kohler Konnect is an experience in and of itself—the bathroom of every girl’s dreams. The smart home model is continuing to advance and mature. Kohler Konnect allows you to reimagine your personal space and customize the experience to your own needs. For those of you out there who aren’t morning people and need some backup, Konnect will start your shower and ensure that it’s at the perfect temperature, adjust lighting levels, warm your toilet seat during those cold winter nights, and check your calendar. All in one app.

Check out Kohler at Sands, Halls A-D, Booth 40724

Mookkie by Volta

Image of Mookki Pet Recognition Food Dispenser
Image Credit: Volta

For those of us with more than one pet at home—and in my case, a dog who likes to eat the cat’s food—the Mookkie is the perfect addition to any pet lover’s home. Using AI facial recognition, a front-facing camera recognizes approaching animals and presents the correct food, banning what they call domestic “food thieves.” The smart bowl even monitors food intake and alerts owners when their pet is in need of a refill.

Check out Volta at LVCC, South Hall 2, Booth 27024

Wynd Halo Home Purifier

Image of Wynd Halo Home Purifier
Image Credit: Wynd

The Wynd Halo + Home Purifier enhances Wynd’s Halo device that shows the state of the air and identified specific irritants in an environment so the purifier can take the right course of action determined by their Air ID system. The Halo includes 10 environmental sensors monitoring allergens, smoke, germs, and pollution to name a few. What sets the Halo apart is the Air ID that not only measures the general concentration of particles in the air but can tell you exactly what’s in those particles so you know specifically what’s in the air you’re breathing.

Check out Wynd at the Hardware Club, Sands, Hall G, Booth 52301/52302


Image of B-Secur EKG Car Technology
Image Credit: B-Secur

Biometrics will lead the way when it comes to better interfaces between humans and emerging technologies. B-Secur is ahead of the game. They’ve partnered with semiconductor companies Analog Devices Inc., Cypress, and NXP to embed EKG authentication capability into next-generation connected devices. HeartKey identifies and authenticates users by measuring specific points in their unique heartbeat. Everything from vehicles to wearables that uses HeartKey will provide a continuous passive state of authentication that use dynamic indicators to confirm the vitality and presence of the user.

Check out B-Secur at Pepcom’s Digital Experience


Image of Vibe Whiteboard
Image Credit: Vibe

The number of remote employees and start-ups is on the rise. Vibe‘s all-in-one digital whiteboard provides a solution for tackling everyday problems that arise during business hours. The Vibe is a digital whiteboard that includes wireless screencasting and 3rd party app integration to drive creativity and collaboration. Whether you’re a designer, head of a remote team, or simply a visual learner, the Vibe would be a great addition to any office.

Check out Vibe at uSen’s booth, LVCC, North Hall, Booth 3004


Image of Milliboo Smart Sofa
Image Credit: Milliboo

The ultimate home theatre experience without leaving the comfort of your own home is a tagline that technology companies have been using for ages. Finally, a product is able to deliver on that aspiration meaningfully. The Milliboo couch is being described as the world’s first smart sofa. The sofa integrates a vibrating seat, built-in speakers, amplifiers, and strategically placed lighting to give you the 4D immersion you’ve only ever experienced at theme parks. The added bonus of Qi charging software, voice control with Google Home and Alexa, and its modern design make the Milliboo sofa a dream product.

Check out Miliboo at Sands, Hall G, Booth 50855

Xenoma e-Skin

Image of Xenoma Connected Shirt
Image Credit: Xenoma

Xenoma collaborated with the German Research Center for AI to develop smart apparel that combines highly-developed motion capturing technology to bring wearable sensors closer to body applications in sport and health. Wearables such as these aren’t typically worn on a daily basis, but Xenoma is looking to weave their e-skin into the lives of athletes, industrial workers, and the general public. The magnetometer-free tracking wearable tracks movement such as ankle flexion and hip rotation, which can ultimately help in both preventing bodily injury and aiding recovery.

Check out Xenoma at Sands, Level 2, Halls A-D, Booth 44206

We can’t wait to meet you all at CES 2019!

Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee
Former full-time marketing communications professional with a specialization in technology, startup, and corporate communications. Active marketing freelancer and medical cannabis science health professional studying to become a Psychedelic-Assist...
Former full-time marketing communications professional with a specialization in technology, startup, and corporate communications. Active marketing freelancer and medical cannabis science health professional studying to become a Psychedelic-Assist...