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Energy Harvesting

Energy Harvesting with Bluetooth 5.0

Energy harvesting combined with Bluetooth 5.0 is likely to be a game-changer for countless industries, offering potential life-long battery life to connected devices.
Data management, security

Edge Computing: More Coup for Data Than Coup D’état

Edge computing has emerged as a dominant industry trend, and the balance between edge and cloud computing combined with data is shifting.
beginners guide to iot connectivity

Beginners Guide to IoT Connectivity Technologies

IoT connectivity is a major concern for new IoT users. This beginner's guide digs into the most common IoT connectivity technologies.
Smart water monitoring

Smart Water Meter Management with IoT

Use smart water meters to monitor systems in real-time to reduce overhead, manage critical issues, and increase customer satisfaction.‍
plug and play

How Plug and Play is Key to Bringing IoT into the Future

Want to unlock your IoT strategy? Meaningful IoT adoption requires standardized, future-proof IoT strategies with predictable cost structures.
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