Your IoT Game Plan Begins Here!

The 7 Business Essentials For IoT, October training by SpinDance, is a fast-paced course covering a variety of business and technology topics. It is specifically designed to help business leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, and marketers gain an understanding of the IoT landscape.


  • Quickly understand the opportunities and risks associated with IoT.
  • Discover the various layers, roles, and processes involved in the journey from concept to a mature IoT solution.
  • Build a shared knowledge to accelerate decisions and improve collaboration across your entire team.
  • CEU Credits.


  1. Introduction to IoT: Outlines what IoT is by explaining the 3 basic building blocks of every IoT product, the 3 archetypical IoT value propositions, and examining the future of IoT.
  2. IoT Value & Monetization: Identifies the top challenges to adopting IoT, walks through a simple model of how IoT creates value for your organization and illustrates revenue models.
  3. Holistic IoT Product Thinking: Explains the end-to-end perspective required to build world-class IoT products that your customers will love, including distributed systems, inter-usability, and basic security of IoT products.
  4. Embedded Systems: Describes the critical components for IoT-centric embedded hardware and software.
  5. IoT Connectivity & Networking: Walks through the types of wireless networks used in IoT, including tradeoffs.
  6. The Cloud & IoT: Explains what the cloud is and how it is used in IoT products. Covers IoT-specific cloud components, business models, and data pipelines for managing Big Data.
  7. Managing IoT Change: Outlines the crawl-walk-run maturity model to successfully adopting IoT across the organization.
  8. Bonus Material: Further reading and next steps for moving forward with IoT.