The Augmented Enterprise Summit is the longest-running, most comprehensive event dedicated to the business and industrial applications of AR/VR/MR (XR) and other metaverse-related emerging technologies (think body-worn sensors, XR accessories, digital twins, etc.)

Who Speaks: 90+ end users from the world’s biggest companies, including executives and innovators from BP, Coca-Cola, Delta, Ford, Pfizer, Stantec, TD Bank, Walmart, and more.

Who Attends: Enterprise technology decision makers from every industry, including manufacturing, AEC, aviation & aerospace, energy, utilities, retail, logistics, pharma, insurance, and more.

Who Exhibits: Explore the largest targeted expo for enterprise- and industrial-grade AR glasses, VR/MR headsets, body-worn sensors, XR accessories, and more, including hardware and software solutions from Meta, Lenovo, RealWear, VMware, Microsoft, Holo-Light, TeamViewer, Vuzix, Scope AR, Strivr, Zappar, and more.

Applications covered: Remote support, augmented work instructions, virtual collaboration, asset and design visualization, training, marketing & sales, safety, and the metaverse.

Technologies covered: XR (AR/VR/MR), metaverse (avatars, blockchain, NFTs), IoT (AI, ML, edge, 5G, etc.), wearables, digital twins, and more.


“[Augmented Enterprise Summit] has consolidated its position as the nexus of the growing enterprise XR ecosystem…for the first time at an XR conference, buyers outnumbered sellers.” – Forbes

“If you’re professionally using this technology, this is the place you come to find action steps [and] connect with providers who [can] solve problems for your legacy companies.” – Gensler

“[Augmented Enterprise Summit] is one of my favorite events to come to [because] I get to hear other people, other companies and the things they are trying to implement and not just the successes. You hear the failures, the things that didn’t work, and you hear, more importantly, why they didn’t work.” 

– ExxonMobil

“The case studies and panels throughout the conference were incredibly insightful and honest.” 

– Takeda 

“It’s cool for me because these last couple of days I probably met more people in XR than I have in the last couple of years.”

– Invista

Speakers share real experiences, genuine successes, honest failures, and lessons learned — including:

  • How to choose a use case, solution, partner or vendor
  • How to get executive buy-in and work with IT and other stakeholders
  • How to set up a low-cost pilot, determine KPIs, and measure ROI
  • How to handle change management and interoperability
  • How to create a pipeline of 3D digital content
  • How to manage devices, security, privacy, and more

Review the agenda for the Augmented Enterprise Summit, 2023.