A free expo pass includes access to all of Embedded IoT World, as well as the Chiphead Theater, suppliers, demos, education, and more. Build Embedded Systems to Fuel the Future of IoT

Embedded IoT World is designed for the developers, architects, engineers, and technicians who are bringing IoT technologies to life by addressing their most pressing technical implementation challenges. 

This conference takes place within Design Con, the premier high-speed communications and system design conference. Offering you industry-critical engineering education in the epicenter of electronics innovation — Silicon Valley.

Over two days, you’ll access technical sessions, speaker Q&As, and demos, so you can build your expertise and learn how to tackle your biggest implementation challenges.

Embedded Technology Themes Include:

Connectivity Management:
IoT and embedded connectivity standards saw considerable growth lat year; 5G Wi-Fi, embedded SIM tech, and highly flexible cellular standards will be critical for the success of projects this year. Get the latest updates on network infrastructure, IoT platforms, and security standards, and what this means for you and your organization.

Device Safety
With increased security breaches and new threats, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your devices are safe and scalable by design. Covering different technologies, solutions, and sensors needed to create a smart and safe environment, Embedded IoT World has targeted sessions to simplify security.

Businesses need to stay on top of their device data – often in real time – in order to succeed. Dive into use cases of AI/ML to see how these vital tools can help harness the potential of IoT – driving efficiency, reducing cost and improving business outcomes.

Edge Computing & Processing
Edge computing powers real-time event response and contextual decisions, making it crucial for the success of IoT projects. With the definition of “the edge” dramatically changing over the past five years, we’ll help you unpick the new opportunities for edge in the embedded community.

Embedded System Security
To stay competitive, it has never been more important to build safe, secure, and dependable devices that withstand the test of time. But is it possible to develop unhackable systems? Learn about the gap between safety, critical analysis, and certification, as well as how to bridge it using tools such as life cycle management.