AI Monday Helsinki is back with another event – this time tapping into the fascinating world of Generative AI and how it is creating new opportunities for modern media.

Generative AI has boomed in the past few months, becoming a game changer in media creation. What opportunities do media companies and businesses have when it comes to utilizing generative AI in content creation? Will Generative AI create a shift in modern storytelling? What trend can we expect in the world of Generative AI going forward?

“Working with Generative AI will be the most important productivity boost for companies in the next decade.”

Tizian Kronsbein, Head of DAIN Academy

This event’s discussion is governed by industry leaders who will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the value of regenerative AI for yourself or your business. The event will be held in a hybrid format, taking place at Tiedekulma at the University of Helsinki and virtually.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event! Spaces are limited, so register today. 

The Speakers:

Hugo Gävert, Chief Data and AI Officer at DAIN Studios, Moderator
Hugo is an accomplished AI leader with 20+ years of experience in applying ML and AI to tackle complex business challenges across various industries. As the Chief Data and AI Officer at DAIN Studios, he oversees the company’s AI strategy and delivery, working closely with clients to develop cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and innovation. A true data science enthusiast, Hugo keeps up with the latest advances in AI. Prior to current role, Hugo held several analytics leadership positions at top-tier companies Nokia, Sanoma, and OP Financial Group, where he led the development of AI solutions before joining DAIN in 2020. He’s an active member in the Helsinki Data Science Meetup and AI Monday communities.

Aki Kekäläinen, Lead of Democracy and Digitalization at Yle News Lab, Yle News and Current Affairs
Aki is a founding member of Yle News Lab. He is leading three teams: Elections and Democracy, AI and Journalism and Co-operations and Experiments. Aki has a long history of using technology and user-centered design methods to make the world a little bit better place. Currently his favorite projects are often about combining the strengths of humans and AI. It can be like getting new superpowers to us mere mortals, but with some tough ethical and moral considerations.

Antti Karppinen, Digital Artist & Founder at Alias Creative
Antti Karppinen is an internationally acclaimed photographer and digital artist renowned for his unique creative concepts and recognizable lighting. He specializes in corporate brand images and storytelling, working with clients such as Ponsse, Sievi, Honor, Jaguar, Under Armor, and BBC. As a passionate trainer, Antti shares his photography and image processing expertise worldwide. His workshops and lectures have been well-received in over ten countries, including a presentation to Google staff in New York. Antti has also collaborated with Adobe on several international image processing training tours. He is a dedicated and popular trainer who strives to develop the industry and currently leads Alias’ online training platform, AliasEDU.

Päivi Ala-Risku, Producer at Helsingin Sanomat
Päivi is a producer at data desk at Helsingin Sanomat. She works with news automation, tools developing and data journalism projects. She has an M. Sc. in Data Journalism.