Learn how to work with Zephyr RTOS from Golioth experts without leaving your home! As the fastest-growing RTOS, Zephyr is well worth learning, but most people need a little help getting started. Golioth’s next free live and hands-on Zephyr training workshop happens online on November 29th.

Our training is self-guided, using a Docusaurus-based document site that’s available to anyone interested. But one of the benefits of signing up for the live training is that Golioth staff who are experienced with Zephyr are there to share that experience and answer questions. This is no boring webinar, we take the remote-training experience and make it feel a lot more like being in a classroom!

To add interactivity we use the Gather.town online platform. It feels a lot like the original Legend of Zelda; you have an 8-bit avatar that you can walk around the virtual classroom. When you get close to other people (or walk onto one of the table-group carpets) a group video chat automatically opens. You can raise your hand using an emoji and an instructor will walk over to help.

In three hours, we get to know each other, learn how to compile and run some code, and discuss myriad topics that transcend the words found on the self-guided training docs.

This free training is hosted by Chris Gammell, an electrical engineer, podcaster, and design consultant from Durham, NC. He has over 20 years of electronics design experience, working for companies in the industrial, silicon, communications, and test and measurement space. His main work is as DevRel Lead at Golioth, an IoT SaaS startup building infrastructure for IoT deployments. Previously through his work at Analog Life Consulting, he created hardware and firmware designs for clients ranging from connected sensor networks to wearable performance tracking. He also has been running The Amp Hour podcast for more than 10 years, a weekly, hour-long show discussing trends throughout the modern electronics design industry.

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