The diverse and new technological possibilities of Industry 4.0 are increasingly becoming the focus of industrial companies. But which exact benefits does Industrial IoT bring to a company? What role are digitization, networking, and data playing?

At the Industry of Things World Europe more than 300 experts, decision-makers, and providers from the industry will discuss use cases and business strategies from the Industry 4.0 universe. From the latest technological trends, opportunities, and risks as well as direct practical examples from the manufacturing industry – the Industry of Things World is designed to evaluate and discuss your technology strategy for a scalable, secure, and efficient IIoT implementation around your production & your products. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet all relevant IIoT stakeholders under one roof.

Conference Key topics:

  • Industry 4.0 – How to increase efficiency with digital engineering and additive manufacturing?
  • Cognitive manufacturing, visual inspection, and big data analytics – How to implement best-in-class use cases?
  • Rethinking MES, connected production, and IoT Platforms – How to improve production logistics, utilization, and production management?
  • Complex Supply Chains – Which tools should be used via Industry 4.0 to manage growing insecurity and complexity?
  • Intelligent Automation, RPA, and Cobots – How can Industry 4.0 processes be optimized?
  • Automation 4.0 – What are the impacts of increased automation, and autonomous machines on manufacturing operations management (MOM s)?
  • IoT technologies and robotic – IoT technologies and robotics – How do “devices” intersect to provide advanced robotic capabilities, along with novel applications, and new business and investment opportunities?
  • From smart factories to sentient ecosystems – How to build in intelligence and reactivity from the smallest sensors to the global supply chain?
  • Expanding and shifting industry boundaries – How Industry 4.0 technologies are changing competition?
  • Rethinking technology strategies for scalable, secure, and efficient IoT – How are smart, connected products changing companies and creating new revenue streams and business models arising from Products, Data, and Assets as a Service?
  • Onshoring, Offshoring, or Nearshoring? – How to find the best solutions to realize your IT-projects
  • Artificial and Virtual Reality – What are best-in-class use cases to optimize remote services and predictive maintenance?
  • Carbon neutral productions – Which IIoT-technologies can function as an enabler?
  • Human factor within the IoT Ecosystem – What are the tactics and strategies to build and progress capabilities and skills necessary?
  • Build or Buy – How to assess the opportunities for launching a new IIoT Platform and which tactics should you use when you modernize legacy systems to enable interoperability?
  • Database, Edge, Cloud, and Quantum Computing – How to define the optimal infrastructure for data management and data processing?
  • Latest hardware for connected operations – What are possible strategies to understand sensors, nodes, edges, and networking technology?
  • Securing the Internet of Things – How to find security by design solutions for the interconnected world?

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