Recent reports suggest implementing technology and industry 4.0 solutions will deliver savings of over 20% to Pharma manufacturers, whilst improving quality and reliability. Over 38% of Pharma organizations expect the greatest positive impact will come from leveraging Big Data, AI, Automation, and Robotics.

Despite the clear benefits, manufacturers have cited various barriers that have prevented the rapid adoption of smart technology within their organizations.

Join us on June 14th to discover how to overcome these barriers and leverage emerging technology to develop flexible, robust, efficient and agile manufacturing facilities of the future.

This event will provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Enhance operational agility and resilience with a data-driven approach to pharma manufacturing & supply, enabling faster, smarter, improved decision-making
  • Digitally optimise manufacturing operations and processes through the integration of digital tools, automation, IoT, emerging technology and industry 4.0 solutions
  • Develop smart, connected manufacturing facilities of the future, that deliver advanced productivity and reduced overheads with more efficient and transparent operations
  • Harness the power of data science for superior insights, enabling asset health monitoring, preventative maintenance and predictable manufacturing operations that minimize downtime
  • Build the infrastructure, framework, strategy and digital culture necessary for streamlining the transition towards technologically enhanced manufacturing
  • Understand current and future trends within pharma manufacturing, to assess and validate areas suitable for the implementation of automation and technology-driven strategies that improve safety, mitigate risks and ensure compliance

Speakers include:

  • Marcos Paganini, Vice President of Global Manufacturing, Strategy and Deployment, J&J Consumer Segment, Johnson & Johnson
  • Yudan Lin, AI & Digital Innovation Lead, Associate Director, Takeda
  • Federica Fraschetti, Associate Director, Large Molecules, External Manufacturing, Technical Operations, MSD
  • Giovanni Giorgio, Senior Digital Engineer, Front End Engineering and Design, GSK

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