The field of Clinical Trials and Clinical R&D is perfectly positioned to harness the benefits of IoT, Wearables, and Emerging Technology.

An ongoing shift toward Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trial models that leverage IoT-connected devices and digital tools has continued to accelerate, gaining further buy-in from sponsors and patients alike.

The ability to collect vast amounts of data and real-world evidence provides significant advantages for invaluable patient insights, that not only optimize clinical R&D but also support increasingly patient-centric outcomes.

However, with many moving parts, leading this transition can be very complex, costly, and resource-intensive.

With this in mind, the IoT Clinical Trials Summit will provide you with the necessary tools to develop a roadmap for managing change, embracing clinical innovation, and developing a strategy to create DCT’s, Hybrid, and Digital Trial Elements that successfully integrate IoT and Emerging Technology for optimal results.

Attending this event will enable you to:

  • Identify emerging technology that will optimize clinical R&D and facilitate decentralized, hybrid, and virtual trials
  • Assess the value proposition for IoT in clinical trial innovation and develop a roadmap for successful technology implementation 
  • Digitally optimize your clinical trials to enhance patient recruitment, engagement, adherence, retention, and experience
  • Create and implement an effective data quality and analytics strategy that enhances connectivity, facilitates timely interventions and drives positive outcomes
  • Manage the mindset and culture shift required for digital empowerment and enable a successful transition towards decentralized clinical trials
  • Align your strategy with the evolving vendor landscape to create strong partnership-driven relationships with solutions provider