Clinical Trial innovation has accelerated within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors due to the recent pandemic, forcing the rapid digitalization and modernization of clinical trials.

However, with many moving parts, leading this transition can be complex, costly and labor intensive. With this in mind, the IoT Clinical Trials Virtual Summit on 22 July will focus on leveraging IoT and emerging technology to modernize and digitally transform clinical trials.

  • Identify emerging technology that will optimize clinical R&D and facilitate decentralized, hybrid and virtual trials
  • Assess the value proposition for IoT in clinical trial innovation and develop a roadmap for successful technology implementation
  • Digitally optimize your clinical trials to enhance patient recruitment, engagement, adherence, retention and experience
  • Create and implement an effective data quality and analytics strategy that enhances connectivity, facilitates timely interventions and drives positive outcomes
  • Manage the mindset and culture shift required for digital empowerment and enable a successful transition towards decentralized clinical trials
  • Align your strategy with the evolving vendor landscape to create strong partnership-driven relationships with solutions providers