The global LoRaWAN ecosystem will connect at the only LoRaWAN Live event of 2023 in the Americas! Join LoRaWAN leaders, beginners, innovators, decision makers, developers, engineers, system integrators, network providers, device manufacturers, end users, enterprises, media, and more this March. Keynote sessions, workshops, and the marketplace will focus on demonstrations and education showcasing how LoRaWAN is the IoT connectivity standard that transforms buildings, campuses, cities, and utilities at LoRaWAN Live in Orlando 2023.

Registration is open to the public and all costs can be found on the event website.

Over 2 full days, you will hear about advancements with the LoRaWAN standard, how to utilize LoRaWAN whether you are a solution provider or device marker, and innovation for universities, communities, buildings, utilities, metering, cities, and more! Come hear educational, relatable, and inspiring use cases from North and Latin Americas, including deployments for new gas standards, at construction sites, with AI, with DLMS over LoRaWAN, for CRE and beyond, transforming airports in the USA, in Peru, from the City of Calgary, from East Carolina University, on improving quality of life for Brazilian citizens, why LoRaWAN sensors are deployed in the Panama Canal, and when to connect to a private, public, hybrid, or roaming network. And so, so much more on the agenda!

Don’t forget to stop by the LoRaWAN Marketplace to visit 30 companies demonstrating how you can use LoRaWAN for IoT connectivity, to improve lives, and meet sustainability goals today at LoRaWAN Live in Orlando.

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