Monogoto is bringing tribute to the developers and makers of today during their December Build Month. The pioneers who act before they think, who solve problems with their hands and are not afraid to take up ambitious technical challenges.

Monogoto is hosting the December Build Month – A developer program to support people in building their next cellular IoT project.

What’s included in the developer program?

  • Connectivity – Get a FREE Monogoto SIM with global coverage, including access to our device management portal.
  • Support & Live Sessions – Invitation to join weekly live sessions with Monogoto’s experts.
  • Access to the expert community – Access to an expert support team and online IoT community.
  • Win prizes – Share your IoT project and win cool prizes.

Join the Build Month and receive a free IoT SIM with access for 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE-M networks globally. In addition, you get support, including online live sessions throughout the month of December, helping you to design your next IoT project.

During weekly live sessions, experts will be demonstrating the use of the SIM with popular development boards from Nordic, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Pycom. They will also show how cellular data can be integrated with popular cloud services like AWS IoT Hub, nRF Cloud, Ubidots, Qubitro etc.

Happy building! See you this December.

No prior knowledge is required & participation is free of charge.

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