It is critical that scientists capture accurate, quality data from lab experiments that can be transferred into knowledge and speed up experiments. By connecting instruments and capturing data digitally, it will provide deeper insights and optimize decision making.

Discover how industry leaders are addressing this by attending our virtual roundtable.

Lab of the Future: Optimizing the Lab Experiment through Digital Transformation with:

  • Charlie Santa Maria, Senior Director – Global Engineering Technologies, Worldwide Research Development and Medical, Pfizer
  • Jake Janey, Scientific Director, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Penny Smee, Director and Senior Product Owner, GSK
  • Sicco Drion, Head of Marketing Software Autochem, Mettler Toledo
  • Daniela Anna Guney, Principal Scientist, Hexal AG, A Sandoz Company
  • Julia Pence, Portfolio Manager, GSK Vaccines R&D Digital Transformation Office