European Lab IT, R&D, and Automation specialists from Roche, Reckitt, GSK, Johnson & Johnson and more are uniting in London on December 6, 2022, at the Smart Labs, Automation & Technology Summit to share strategies to implement smart technologies which will increase lab efficiency, capacity, quality and speed.

Experts have predicted that the global lab automation market will grow to $7.84 billion by 2027.

Driven by a need to accelerate time to market, enhance lab efficiency and improve productivity, an increasing number of pharma companies are exploring emerging technology and automation to meet these organizational objectives, whilst maintaining quality and safety. However, resistance to change, workforce transformation, identifying and implementing technology alongside legacy infrastructure and skills shortages have presented challenges.

Join industry experts at the Smart Labs, Automation & Technology Summit as they collaboratively discuss and share key strategies to overcome these challenges and facilitate industry change.

This summit will provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Increase the use of emerging technologies and systems to accelerate the R&D process and increase efficiency, capacity, speed, and quality
  • Create a digitalization infrastructure and framework to manage the migration to digital processes and tools
  • Conduct an organizational assessment to evaluate and assess current capabilities to determine areas ripe for automation
  • Define an effective data and analytics strategy that will offer deeper insights to increase the speed and accuracy of decision-making
  • Prepare for the digital transition and develop the mindset for an inclusive culture change

Join 15 industry leaders speaking at the summit including:

  • Penny Smee, Director & Senior Product Owner, GSK
  • Christopher Kersten, Engineer Biology in R&D for Antibody Formats and Automation, Roche
  • Christos Varsakelis, Associate Director AI/ML in Silico Drug Discovery and External Innovation, Johnson and Johnson
  • Samantha Kanza p.h.d, Senior Enterprise Research Fellow, University of Southampton
  • Pritesh Makwana, Senior IT Business Relationship Manager -Regulatory (Health, Hygiene and Nutrition), Reckitt
  • Fausto Artico, Global R&D Tech Head and Director of Innovation and Data Science, GSK
  • Andreas Steinbacher, Lead Discovery Informatics Data Management, Roche
  • Jo Stevens, Group Leader Antibody Development, Roche
  • Maximilian Wiens, Managing Director, Synefex

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