As we enter another incredibly challenging year for temperature-controlled supply chains, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies need to enhance/implement their cold chain strategies to manage upcoming requirements.

Most are looking to technology for support, however in a vast landscape of different technologies, identifying the best solution to enable an agile, resilient and robust supply chain can be a huge challenge.

Join temperature control, supply chain & logistics specialists at the Temperature Control & Logistics Virtual Summit on 28 April 2021 to hear best practice and collaboratively solve problems.

  • Forecast future trends, challenges and opportunities within the temperature-controlled supply chain
  • Apply the latest technology and innovations to optimize your end-to-end cold chain
  • Manage the short, mid and long-term impacts of COVID-19 and vaccine distribution
  • Develop an agile, resilient and robust supply chain for a sustainable future
  • Improve efficiency and mitigate risks by implementing new processes, operating procedures and systems
  • Stay abreast of the evolving vendor landscape and create strong partnership-driven relationships with providers