Ongoing pressure from tightening margins and increasing competition is driving automotive manufacturers to optimize their manufacturing processes and streamline their operations using emerging technology. As customer demands continue to evolve, it is critical that automotive OEMs utilize smart manufacturing to remain competitive.

Tomorrow’s vehicles are increasing in complexity, with more parts and technology being integrated than ever before. Automotive OEMs and contractors have already begun to take advantage of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, IoT devices, connected machinery, and data-driven operations as a way of transforming their operations into something more automated, efficient, and cost-effective to achieve mass customization, whilst continuing to increase capacityreduce costs, and maintain safety.

Whilst the benefits of technology are clear; automotive manufacturers are struggling to bridge the gap between IT and OT and ensure they can seamlessly deploy and integrate new technologies with current processes without disrupting production.

Although implementing smart technologies will produce the desired ROI, understanding how to achieve value at scale while avoiding disruption to production and supply is complex, and requires a deep understanding of the technology, data, and manufacturing operations.

The Smart Manufacturing for Automotive Summit will provide you with the necessary tools to:

  • Define a strategic roadmap that will enable you to build smarter vehicles and keep up with the accelerated pace and changing demands of consumers
  • Understand how to get closer to your consumer by leveraging smart technologies for mass vehicle customization
  • Leverage industry 4.0 to meet organizational sustainability goals and pave the way for greener manufacturing
  • Develop a strategy to respond to and fill existing interest gaps by engaging and educating the future manufacturing workforce
  • Build the business case for new technology, engage with senior decision-makers, gain project buy-in and demonstrate ROI
  • Utilize data to accelerate digital transformation within your connected plant and remain competitive in a fast-evolving environment