The world’s largest LoRaWAN event goes virtual from Jan 25 to 29, 2021. Join 15 000 IoT professionals to level-up your skillset, get access to top-notch LoRaWAN products and services, and have thousands of professional connections at your fingertips.

Find out what The Things Conference 2021 has in store for you:

LoRaWAN fundamentals and technical deep-dives 

Access hands-on workshops and live coding sessions covering every aspect of the LoRaWAN value chain from the #1 experts in the global ecosystem.

Networking and curated match-making

Find your next customers and business partners with our advanced virtual tools during 1-on-1 meetings or within small networking groups around specific LoRaWAN topics.

LoRaWAN Wall of Fame

Remotely experience top-notch LoRaWAN devices and gateways to select the right solutions for your IoT development.

The Things Certification

Test and certify the knowledge you will gain through official LoRaWAN certifications on topics such as LoRaWAN basics, security, network management and more.