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What will the companies of 2025 look like? Are we moving to a world of Total Automation? How will this impact our society? Is Low Code/No Code tech the future of automation? Where do we draw the line between simplicity and eventual complexity with this new cloud paradigm? Is open-source the saviour of multi-cloud strategy? Our objective is to bring together some of the most influential players in the automation community and spark conversation so that we can all learn from their discourse and interaction. 

Who will you hear from?
Hear from the top Investors, Serverless Hero’s, Low Code influencers and leading tech entrepreneurs including: Steve Hilton, Co-founder MachNation, Casey Bisson, Cloud Strategy Consultant at Joyent, Andy Boyd, Founder Bramalea Partners LLC, Alex Ellis, Founder OpenFaas, Abbie Drobnick, Investor Radian Capital, Jacob Smith, co-founder Packet & many more…

How can I join the debate?
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What is Waylay IO?
Waylay IO is a Low-Code platform for developers to code at a fast pace, realize new Applications and enable quick deployment. You have nothing to set up, nothing to manage. Waylay IO is written by developers for developers. Waylay IO eases the complexity of serverless and liberates developers from getting bogged down into things that have nothing to do with the problems they ought to solve.