Hosted by EqualOcean, the World Innovators Meet (WIM) is a world-class event for innovators. It provides limitless opportunities to learn from and connect with the most sought-after technology pioneers. On December 9-11, 2020, this year’s WIM2020 will take on a bolder stance and adopt a more global outlook by taking the form of an online conference that will be streamed simultaneously in all countries and regions that champion the realm of technology and innovation.

This year’s theme is ‘Technology and Innovation: Connecting the World’, striving to portray the world’s interconnectivity and interdependence, recognizing that the most dynamic change is driven by technology and innovation – and that a click of the finger will soon be all that is needed to connect anyone to anyone else in shared cyberspace.

During the three consecutive days from December 9-11, we will conduct 8 Themed Chapters on China and Asia-Pacific time zones, as well as 3 Global Chapters on American time zones, and European and African time zones:

1.   Technology and Innovation Leadership Chapter
2.   Technology Driving Investment Chapter
3.   Restarting New Consumption in Post-pandemic Era Chapter
4.   Global Competition in Automotive and Mobility Chapter
5.   Industrial Intelligence and Connectivity Chapter
6.   Healthcare Industry and COVID-19 Pandemic Chapter
7.   New Tech Charm of Real Estate Industry Chapter
8.   Fintech: Reshaping Global Cooperation Chapter
9.   Regional Chapter: Africa
10.Regional Chapter: Europe
11.Regional Chapter: North America