Does the news of hiring freezes mean the hot job market is over? What does company culture look like in a recession? The WSJ Jobs Summit returns on March 28 to help job seekers and HR leaders alike navigate new realities. Whether you’re just starting to search, looking for a career change or managing a workforce, we’ll tackle today’s biggest challenges–and provide practical solutions. 

You’ll hear about the sectors that are in hiring mode. Take away tips on finding a job when you’re out of work. Learn how to manage office morale in a tough economy. Make sure your mission resonates with the talent pool. And take away a playbook for how to turn this volatile market into your competitive advantage.

Key Themes at the WSJ Job Summit:

For Job Seekers:

  • How do you build a resume that resonates? And stand out in the algorithms? Take away a practical playbook of everything you need to succeed in the search.
  • How do you look for a job in a recession? Learn how to navigate the challenges of this volatile economy–and even turn it into a competitive advantage.
  • Ready for a change or a comeback? Get expert advice on how to plan the next chapter in your career, from upskilling to retro-fitting the experience you already have.
  • If tech companies aren’t on a hiring spree anymore, who is? Learn about the new hot sectors and the skills they’re looking for.

For HR Executives:

  • How do you keep employees engaged during an economic downturn? Learn how to manage office morale through layoffs and a recession. 
  • Looking for new talent? Get advice on how to open the funnel and create new-collar jobs.
  • What does the tech crash mean for the labor market? Hear the latest insights from experts on how it could affect your industry.
  • How do you navigate inflation and economic turbulence? Take away a survival guide for getting your workforce through tough times.

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Focus Areas