Interested in staying on top of cybersecurity? This forum will help align with new business strategies and help you learn how cyber risks have business consequences. Relentless cyber attacks and heightened government scrutiny of data privacy and security mean business leaders cannot afford to have blindspots. Join us and hear from companies that have suffered breaches, learn how to mitigate the risks of acquisitions and global operations, take away best practices for communicating breaches and much more.

Top Reasons to Attend the Cybersecurity Forum

  1. Take away trusted, practical advice on how to navigate this new era of attacks.
  2. Hear lessons learned from companies that have suffered breaches.
  3. Learn how to mitigate the risks that come with acquisitions and global operations.
  4. Gain insights from a hands-on session tackling third-party risk.
  5. Connect with peers to exchange ideas, experiences and solutions.

The speakers list is filled with experts from companies like Aflac, Dragos, GitHub, GM, and more — even members of the US government who play an active role in our country’s cybersecurity agenda.

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Focus Areas