How to Extend the Life of NB-IoT Deployments

Ken Briodagh
Illustration: © IoT For All

Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) connectivity is gaining ground as a low power wide area (LPWA) option for IoT solutions. It was designed as an IoT-specific connectivity option that can enable devices and services under a standards-based protocol. NB-IoT can lower power consumption on connected devices, improve system capacity and increase spectrum efficiency, according to the GSMA and can enable battery life of more than 10 years in many Applications.

In an upcoming webinar from IoTerop, attendees will get a chance to dive into the latest on NB-IoT sustainability use-cases, best practices, & technology roadmaps from GSMA, Telstra, Murata, and IoTerop. The event takes place Wednesday, March 10th.

In the webinar, you will hear:

  • GSMA on the NB-IoT roadmap and APAC deployment numbers.
  • IoTerop on NB-IoT sustainability best-practices for firmware updates, energy-efficiency, and security
  • Telstra on how operators can help maximize NB-IoT device lifespans.
  • Murata will list customer use-cases in NB-IoT in a set of very diverse industries.

Speakers on NB-IoT:

Terence Wong- Market Development Director APAC, GSMA

Terence drives the GSMA’s IoT and 5G programs in the APAC region, focusing on IoT, big data, eSIM, security, 5G, and digitalization. Terence works with operators, innovators, and ecosystem players accelerating cellular technology adoption across verticals such as Smart Agriculture, Smart City, Smart Building, Smart home, environmental protection, logistics, asset tracking, and consumer markets. Recently, he worked with 60+ MNOs, innovators, and ecosystem partners within the APAC IoT Partnership program to accelerate innovation and ecosystem development.

Steve Lurie- Marketing Manager, IoTerop

Steve’s background in technology and transversal organizational role at IoTerop, including work with different IoT actors, business partners, and customers, provides a unique perspective on using standardized device management to transform business processes and create digital 4.0 opportunities.

Mark Atkinson- Domain Lead For Industrial IoT, Telstra

Mark has significant experience in telecommunications, utilities, and IoT. Mark has a strong track record introducing technical innovations in IIoT, focusing on enabling long-life battery-powered devices via LPWAN to unlock business outcomes.

Gonzague Fraval- Regional Product Marketing, Wireless Module, Singapore, Murata

Over 10 years experience in product marketing, business development and project management in the semiconductor and electronics industries in Europe, ASEAN and Oceania regions. Passionate for new technologies and innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Cities, Gonzague is an active contributor collaborating with many IoT ecosystem actors and various business partners, including device manufacturers, network operators, cloud platforms, and other key service providers.

NB-IoT is one of the most exciting recent innovations in IoT enablement technology. Learn how you might be able to leverage it for your business.

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