The Impact of AI – Key Takeaways from PwC’s Latest Report on AI

PwC’s latest report, Bot.Me: A Revolutionary Partnership, examines the impact of AI in the business world, acceptance by consumers, and more.

The Impact of AI - Key Takeaways from PwC's Latest Report on AI
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The global impact and potential of artificial intelligence (AI), an emerging technology that includes digital assistants, chatbots and machine learning — but can also extend far beyond those basic forms — is rapidly developing.

Taking the form of assisted intelligence, augmented intelligence or even autonomous intelligence, AI has the ability to break down barriers, provide personalization to the masses and solve some of our greatest global challenges.


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PwC’s latest report, Bot.Me: A Revolutionary Partnership, surveyed consumers and business decision makers on AI’s impact in the business world, the evolution of AI acceptance by consumers and AI’s changing role in addressing socioeconomic issues.

Key Takeaways from Report

The report combines insights from a 2017 AI Expert Salon, and a survey of 2,500 U.S. consumers and business decision makers on attitudes towards AI and its current and future implications on society.

The Impact of AI - consumers agree ai will help solve complex problems that plague modern societies

Consumers are rooting for AI, and believe it’s an important part of helping to solve global challenges. When respondents were asked about AI’s importance in helping to solve societal issues:

impact of ai, three stats

Almost 1/3 of respondents even stated that AI can play an important role in solving gender inequality issues.

AI Will Impact Consumers’ Everyday Lives and Shape Experiences

When asked how likely it is that people will turn to AI assistants in the next 5 years for specific roles:

impact of ai - 58% said it would be for a tutor
impact of ai - 56% said it would be for a travel agent
impact of ai - 22% said it would be for a doctor

As Companies Continue to Seek a Competitive Edge, Increased AI Adoption Will be at the Forefront

impact of ai - 63% of business decision makers believe ai can offer a superior one to one experience
impact of ai - 64% of respondents stated they would rather have instant access to quality customer service than preserve the jobs of customer service reps

Leaders are Aware of the Basic Potential for AI to Assist Them in Their Business

impact of ai - 72% believe ai will be the business advantage of the future
impact of ai - 70% agree that ai has the potential to enable humans to concentrate on meaningful work, as well as indulge in more leisure activiites
impact of ai - 55% believe ai's potential to boost business productivity, inform strategy and generate growth outweighs the potential downside of employment concerns
impact of ai - 54% agree that ai solutions they have implemented have benefited productivity

If you want to dig into the details, you can find the full report here!