Podcast E038 | What Are the Benefits of Edge Computing? | Bryan Jones, SVP & GM of Embedded & Edge Solutions at Dell Technologies

Podcast E038 | What Are the Benefits of Edge Computing? | Bryan Jones, SVP & GM of Embedded & Edge Solutions at Dell Technologies

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On this IoT For All podcast episode, Bryan Jones, SVP & GM of Embedded & Edge Solutions at Dell Technologies defines edge computing, its benefits and the challenges associated with using edge computing in IoT.

Bryan introduces us to Dell Technologies and their IoT business unit. He explains what an OEM is, its relationship to IoT and how OEM’s influence his work within Dell. He goes on to discuss what the typical customer engagement looks like and how designing technology outcomes for businesses to embed into their solutions and products is one of the ways they deliver value.

We discuss where IoT solution ideas come from in large companies and the complicated process of building these solutions given numerous moving parts. The episode concludes with Bryan providing insight on the impact of IoT in developing regions across the globe.

If you’re interested in connecting with Bryan, check out his LinkedIn!

About Dell Technologies: Dell Technologies is a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organizations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information.

Key Question and Topics from this Episode:

(1:18) What is Bryan’s focus at Dell as it relates to the IoT space? 

(2:37) Introduction to Dell Technologies 

(3:38) What does the typical customer engagement look like?

(6:21) Use case example and the benefits of edge computing 

(7:45) What is edge computing? 

(9:53) What are some challenges of using edge computing in IoT? 

(11:24) What are some unexpected challenges of deploying IoT solutions? 

(15:49) How are IoT initiatives being started in large organizations?

(21:50) Where do most IoT solution ideas come from within an organization? 

(24:11) How far out are we from 5G truly impacting the IoT space? 

(26:19) How do different regions of the world measure ROI for IoT deployments? 

(30:03) What is the impact of IoT in developing regions and how do they impact the future growth of those regions?

(39:36) What are your expectations for the IoT space over the next 12-18 months? 

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