Resource Spotlight: F6S IoT Group

Image Credit: F6S, Illustration by IFA

As you know, here at IoT For All we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality, unbiased content, resources, and news centered on the Internet of Things and related disciplines. That’s because IoT is hard. The Internet of Things will inevitably transform our lives, but for that to happen people need to actually build it.

For all the builders out there, there are many barriers.

  • Technical and design challenges: How do you pick the right technologies, components, and features?
  • Understanding the world of manufacturing: Just having a prototype isn’t enough, navigating volume orders and pricing, supply chain management, certification, etc. can be a full-time job.
  • Broad requirements for success: Hardware development, software development, design, sales, marketing, you name it. IoT spans so many disciplines.
  • Funding: You have a product and some early traction, but need to scale. Getting in touch with the right VCs and getting your pitch right isn’t easy.

As such, we want to highlight a group that we recently discovered, they’re aimed at addressing these issues.

F6S IoT Group

F6S is a global startup community that helps startups to grow through funding, jobs/talent, benefits, events, and corporate pilots.

F6S recently launched a group specifically aimed at the Internet of Things which already has 16K members and 5.8K startups. F6S organizes things like office hours and AMAs with IoT experts, connects IoT startups to corporates/VCs for pilots and funding, and provides other useful resources for IoT startups.

So if you’re an IoT startup looking for resources or an IoT expert who wants to give back to the community, definitely check it out!


Calum McClelland
Calum is the VP of Operations & Projects at Leverege. With a degree in Philosophy from Brown University, Calum is deeply interested in the moral ramifications of new technologies. He believes in leveraging the Internet of Things and related tech to build a better world for everyone.