Top IoT Influencers to Follow

Isabel Harner

Succeeding in the Internet of Things industry takes an understanding of all it’s moving parts. It also takes lessons and advice from those who have done it before.

Meet the power players who know IoT, from writers and product innovators to CEOs and professors. Follow them to keep up with the latest trends, industry insights, events, and more in this rapidly changing and advancing industry.

Top IoT Influencers

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is an international branding expert, technology futurist, marketing and digital strategy consultant, and CEO at Thulium. Her speciality is in MarTech, but she’s also a leading thought leader in AI, Robotics & IoT, Big Data and Machine to Machine (M2M).

Antonio Grasso

Antonio Grasso has led digital innovation projects for public and private sector companies since 2001. He’s the founder and CEO of an Italian start-up company: Digital Business Innovation Srl, which specializes in research and development of digital innovation projects for small and medium businesses.

Carley Knobloch

Carley Knobloch is a digital lifestyle expert, helping viewers of her popular HGTV special find smart home tech that helps them save time and money. Her coverage of the intersection between home and tech is frequently featured on the Today Show and CNN, and in Real Simple magazine.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson is the CEO of 3DR, founder and chairman of the Linux Foundation’s Dronecode Project, and founder of the DIY Drones and DIY Robocars communities, including the ArduPilot autopilot project. From 2001 – 2012, he was the Editor in Chief of Wired Magazine.

Daniel Elizalde

Daniel Elizalde is the founder of TechProductManagement, where he trains Product Managers around the world to become highly successful at managing IoT products. He is the author of the leading blog on IoT Product Management, and the creator of the IoT Decision Framework.

Mike Gualtieri

Mike Gualtieri is the Vice President at Forrester, specializing in integrating software that enables digital transformation. His key technology coverage areas are AI, machine learning, deep learning, AI chips and systems, digital decisions, streaming analytics and prescriptive analytics.

Oliver Christie

Oliver Christie is an Artificial Intelligence Consultant, helping organizations understand how AI can impact key aspects of the business such as acquiring and retaining customers, customizing products and services, and achieving profitability.

Peggy Smedley

Peggy Smedley is an internationally known speaker and highly respected personality in the media world educating businesses and consumers on the latest technological advances shaping everyday lives. An outspoken advocate and supporter of connected devices and M2M technology, Peggy is the quick-witted host of The Peggy Smedley Show, the editorial director of Connected World Magazine.

Ronald Van Loon

As the director at Adversitement, Ronald Van Look works with with data-driven companies to generate business value so that they may meet and exceed their goals.

Stacey Higginbotham

Stacey Higginbotham is a freelance writer who has spent the last 15 years covering technology and finance for publications such as Fortune, Gigaom, The Deal, The Bond Buyer and BusinessWeek. Stacey covers the Internet of things, semiconductors, and artificial intelligence on her podcast, the Internet of Things Podcast.

More to follow

Aaron Tilley, @aatilley
Reporter at The INformation

Ajit Jaokar, @AjitJaokar
Artificial Intelligence
Harvard Kennedy AI initiative

Alasdair Allan, @aallan
Reporter at MAKE Magazine

Alexandra Deschamps, @iotwatch
Design, Smart Home
Sonsino, Founder, Designswarm

Andrea Borcea, @AndreeaBorcea
Host of Farstuff Internet of Things Podcast

Andrew Thomas, @andrewthomas
Smart Home
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, IoT and Smart Home entrepreneur

Andy Stanford-Clark, @andysc
Master Inventor and IoT Evangelist at IBM

Blake Miller, @ImBmills
CEO HomeBaseAI

Boris Adryan, @BorisAdryan
Bid Data, Digital Transformation
Founder of thingslearn

Charlie Kindel, @ckindel
Smart Home, Voice Tech
GM, Alexa Smart Home, Amazon

Chris Davies, @c_davies
Internet of Things,
Writer at SlashGear

Daniel Herscovici, @DanHerscovici
Digital Transformation, Innovation
GM & SVP, Xfinity Home, Comcast

Dave Isbitski, @thedavedev
Smart Home, Voice Tech
Amazon Alexa Evangelist

Dave Zatz, @davezatz
Technologist and Tech Writer

David Blaza, @dblaza
Managing Director at Penton/Informa Energy

David Stephenson, @data4all
Big Data, IoT
Author and IoT Thought Leader

Greg Kahn, @GKmediaBUZZ
President & CEO, IoT Consortium

Irma Rastegayeva, @IrmaRaste
Health Tech and Biotech
Co-Founder at eViRA Health

Jenny Fielding , @jefielding
IoT, Innovation
Managing Director at Tech Stars

Johan Den Haan, @JohanDenHaan
IoT Software Development
Chief Technology Officer at Mendix

Julie Jacobson, @juliejacobson
Home Automation
Founding Editor at CE Pro

Kevin Ashton, @Kevin_Ashton
Coined the term IoT

Kevin Tofel, @KevinCTofel
Co-Host of the Internet of Things Podcast

Maciej Kranz, @maciejkranz
Digital Transformation, Product Innovation
Author of ‘Building the Internet of Things,’ Product Innovation at Cisco

Martyn Etherington, @Etherington_CMO
CMO at Teradata

Matt Eyring
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at Vivint

Matt Hatton, @MattyHatton
Researching IoT at Gartner

Megan Wollerton, @meganwollerton
Editor and Writer at CNET

Michael Wolf, @michaelwolf
Smart Homes
Founder of the Smart Kitchen Summit

Rob Martens, @schlagefuturist
Internet of Things, Futurism
Allegion Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures

Rob Van Kranenburg, @robvank
Founder of IoT Council

Sarah Cooper, @SMC_on_IoT
GM IoT Solutions, Amazon Web Services

Scott Amyx, @AmyxIoT
Managing Partner at Amyx, IBM IoT Futurist

Sridhar Solur, @SridharSolur
Product & Development for Xfinity Home, Founder of HP ‘s CloudPrinting business

Stefan Ferber,@Stefferber
CEO at Bosch Software Innovation

Timothy Chou, @timothychou
Lecturer at Stanford, launched first cloud computing class, Alchemist Accelerator

Tom Emrich, @tomemrich
Investor in AI, VR, and MR at Super Ventures

Tom Raftery, @TomRaftery
Futurist and IoT Evangelist at SAP, Founder at CloudCIX

Tracy Hopkins, @LadyIoT
Ambassador for Lora Alliance, at CEO Everynet

Yash Mehta, @iotworm
IoT, Machine Learning, AI and Big Data Influencer and Expert

Isabel Harner
Isabel Harner
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.
Isabel is the Community DIrector at IoT For All and a 2017 Venture for America Fellow. Lover of startups, IoT, and social media.