How to Effectively Use Location Data to Position Your Business for Success

IoT For All and Skyhook will be co-hosting a Webinar on November 7th at 1:00 pm EST to discuss how businesses can leverage location data to gain valuable insights into their industries and customers.


IoT For All and Skyhook co-hosted a webinar on November 7th that discussed how businesses can leverage location data to gain valuable insights into their industries and customers. Kipp Jones, Chief Technology Evangelist (CTE) at Skyhook and Nick Knellinger, Director of Product at Skyhook, joined IoT For All Senior Editor, Eric Conn.

During the webinar, our panel discussed the benefits of location data in various use cases and scenarios spanning everything from supply chain management to retail and freight logistics to goods monitoring. Whether you’re curious about asset tracking, the Retail of Things (RoT), or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), this webinar will teach you how location data is integral to your business strategy.

If you and your business are looking to learn how to implement location data from IoT experts, sign up here to watch the webinar for free!

Get to Know Our Panel of Experts:

Kipp Jones is Chief Technology Evangelist at Skyhook. As CTE, he works to guide and shape Skyhook’s innovative location intelligence technology. Kipp has authored 19 patents and drives Skyhook’s product and engineering teams to explore new technology and innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Nick Knellinger is the Director of Product at Skyhook. Nick is responsible for both the strategy and management of the Location and Context product portfolios at Skyhook. He plays a critical role in driving deep integrations with both customers and partners at nearly every level of the OEM and IoT ecosystems. Nick has more than a decade of international experience in mobile, emerging, and digital marketing technologies.

Eric Conn is a Senior Editor at IoT For All and CEO/Co-founder of Leverege—a world-class technology company creating an enterprise solutions development platform for IoT. As a high-tech entrepreneur and developer, he has built software products used by the largest and most respected companies in the world. He specializes in big data, predictive analytics, AI and machine learning, and UI/UX.