Extending the lifecycle of IoT devices is a function of a lot more than just hardware. Sure, battery life is being extended through any number of new advances, not to mention newer energy-harvesting technologies. But as edge requirements increase, using more energy, new forms of low-power connectivity have become more important, over-the-air updating from cloud device-management platforms are increasing device efficiency, and even newer network topologies are helping out. This webinar will touch upon several of these trends and their implications for IoT adopters deploying devices in the field.


Mike Lynch - President Micro-Ant LLC
Mike Lynch is the President of Micro-Ant LLC. Micro-Ant LLC is an antenna and RF engineering and manufacturing company founded in 2001. Primary markets served include IoT/M2M, GPS, and satellite communications. Our company designs and manufactures innovative antennas for land, sea, and air. Products include active and passive antennas, single and multiband antennas, turnkey antenna assemblies, electronically steered antennas, phased arrays, reflector antennas, custom feeds, and RF electronics. Our products are designed and manufactured in the Micro-Ant LLC Jacksonville, FL facility. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and instrumentation during the design, fabrication, testing, and final delivery of Micro-Ant products.
Marc Pégulu - Vice President of IoT Semtech Wireless & Sensing Products Group
Marc Pégulu has been Semtech's Vice President of Internet of Things for the Wireless and Sensing Products Group since 2019. Before this, he was Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless and Sensing Products Group, a position he had held since June 2015. He held the position of Vice President of Wireless and Sensing Products from June 2014. Prior to this appointment, he held the position of Director of Marketing and Applications. Mr. Pégulu joined the Company in March 2006 and was involved in several key technology initiatives, including LoRa wireless and software defined modem technologies. Prior to joining the Company, he held positions in chips and systems development at Thomson CSF, Thales, ATMEL, and DibCom in France and China. Mr. Pégulu holds a Master of Science degree in Electronics and Telecommunications from Institut National Polytechnique of Grenoble, France and is a graduate of the Executive MBA program of ESCP Europe.