Women Leadership in IoT at IOTSWC ’18

Reducing the Gender Gap in Technology


One of the biggest challenges facing the technology industry is addressing and fixing the lack of diverse representation in its employees. One in five tech industry workers is a woman and only 25% of IT jobs are held by women. IoTSWC is focused on advancing the industry. They will be holding a Women Leadership in IoT panel in Barcelona at the industry-leading conference during Barcelona Industry Week.

Roger Bou, director of IoTSWC stressed the importance of promoting initiatives at the conference that “not only help the sector grow, but also make it better.” IoTSWC is working hard to implement an initiative around the lack of women in the industry. The conference is hoping that the industry will follow suit by granting women more important roles at technology companies (and in technology events) to cultivate a more diverse, inclusive industry.  

In addition to showcasing the growth of IoT, IoTSWC aims to bring awareness around the gender gap in the technology industry by featuring five women dominating IoT at their established corporations and startups. The women on the panel will discuss new ways to reduce the gender gap, their own experiences and form a networking space for women to share advice for succeeding, and how to implement change as a woman in a male-dominated field. 

The panel features:

  • Leila Dillon, Vice President of Global Marketing & NA Distribution at Big Belly
  • Helena Lisachuk, Member of the IoT Global Initiative
  • Beverly Rider, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at Hitachi
  • Eva Schönleitner, Group Vice President of Digital partnerships at ABB
  • Adriana Estevez, Executive Director for Digital Transformation and Innovation at Microsoft

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