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Eastern Peak is a professional strategy consulting and technology provider that helps companies of all sizes and across different industries accelerate the speed at which they do business, improve their time to market, bring costs down, and instill productive changes in every process, employee, and business model with AI, AR, Big Data, IoT & Cloud.

EU Commission, Western Union, DPD, GETT, and dozens of other companies of all shapes and sizes rely on our bespoke solutions for transforming and accelerating businesses and driving a competitive edge.

smart transportation

Smart Cities: How Technology Will Reshape Transportation in 2022

How will IoT reshape transportation and smart cities in 2022? Explore smart transportation and the benefits of transportation technology.
Smart transportation

What Makes Transportation Smart? Defining Intelligent Transportation

Smart transport systems worldwide are working towards enhancing the safety and quality of life. The main benefits include better safety, accessibility, and sustainability of transportation systems.

AI-Driven Video Analytics for the Retail Industry

Today Artificial Intelligence is actively being used among different industries bringing huge value to businesses. Grocery stores are not an exception and they are looking for ways to leverage this...
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