Scottie Gardonio, Contributing Writer At IoT For All

Scottie Gardonio

Scottie is an award-winning designer with many years of experience in creative markets. A passionate Augmented and Virtual Reality proponent, she has been a leader implementing AR/VR in the historical tourism industry of Minnesota. Through discussion, research, and product testing, Scottie aims to inform the public of the life-changing potential augmented and virtual realities are beginning to offer the world, even as the technology is in its relative infancy.


Advancing Aviation Safety Technology with Augmented Reality

In 2017, the worldwide revenue for commercial airlines sits at around $750 billion U.S. dollars. That’s just the commercial airlines. If you add in the private, corporate, military, and hobbyist s...

A Virtual Reality BFA: Content Becomes King

Recently, Ringling College announced it would be the first art college to offer a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) in Virtual Reality. On its surface, that might sound neat. Many who don’t routinely f...

Virtual Reality and Your Smartphone

Maybe you haven’t tried any sort of virtual reality yet. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to visit a VR arcade and got a fully-immersive experience, or maybe you experimented with your buddy’s V...
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