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An end-to-end secured LoRaWAN® network with 99,9%+ availability. An enterprise grade LoRaWAN backend from the makers of The Things Network. LoRaWAN. Internet of Things. Conference. Types: LoRaWAN security, LoRaWAN peering, Platform integrations.

food monitoring and LoRaWAN

Food Temperature Monitoring with LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN, with its wide coverage and deep penetration, is perfect for cold chain solutions and food temperature monitoring.
lorawan use cases

How LoRaWAN® Can Help You Scale Your Next IoT Use Case

LoRaWAN is a communication protocol that takes advantage of the LoRa modulation, a wireless data transmission technology with lower bandwidths, to transmit small data packets (like sensor data) ove...
cow tracking

The Future of Farming: LoRaWAN®-powered Cattle Tracking Solutions

Smart agriculture technologies assist farmers in improving all areas of agricultural productivity.
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