What do Smart Cities Look Like in 2020? | Sanjeet Pandit, Senior Director for Business Development at Qualcomm

What do Smart Cities Look Like in 2020? | Sanjeet Pandit, Senior Director for Business Development at Qualcomm

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In episode 51 of the IoT For All Podcast, Sanjeet Pandit, Senior Director for Business Development & Head of Smart Cities at Qualcomm, shares the newest developments in smart cities and what really goes into the development and adoption of smart city applications.

Starting the episode, Sanjeet shares his own background as well as some of Qualcomm’s recent smart city successes. He also talks about the projects cities are most eager to take on and the key indicators of smart city success.

It’s worth noting that smart city projects, by nature, are huge, costly undertakings. Sanjeet provides insight into the most common challenges for cities adopting these initiatives–including some of the challenges that come with working around legacy infrastructure.

Changing the topic to connectivity, Sanjeet speaks on the impact 5G will have on smart city applications, where 5G will enable new technology and applications and what roles other connectivity options have in smart city applications.

To round out the interview, we discuss IoT as a team sport. We talk about Qualcomm’s approach to the collaborative nature of IoT development, their vetting process for new partnerships and some of the key players necessary to develop new solutions.

To finish out the episode, Sanjeet shares some of his predictions for the most exciting developments coming to the smart city space in 2020, including advancements in artificial intelligence, its effect on autonomous driving and further adoption of 5G.

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About Qualcomm:  Qualcomm is one of the world’s leading wireless technology innovators. Qualcomm enables semiconductor chipsets and technologies to power everything from handsets to connected city spaces.

Key Questions and Topics From This Episode:

(3:38) Introduction to Sanjeet Pandit

(04:41) Introduction to Qualcomm

(05:25) Qualcomm smart city success examples

(06:56) What types of projects have been at the top of smart cities’ lists?

(08:20) How is the success of smart cities being measured?

(09:24) What have been the biggest challenges in smart city adoption?

(10:28) How does the existing infrastructure play into those challenges?

(11:27) When will 5G really start to impact the IoT space? What will 5G enable for smart cities?

(13:02) What are the roles of other connectivity options in smart cities?

(16:56) Why is collaboration so critical to the success of IoT?

(19:12) Who are the key players in an IoT partnership?

(23:51) How does Qualcomm choose their partnerships?

(28:02) What are some of the most exciting applications and deployments we’re seeing in smart cities today?

(29:41) Will IoT have a role in helping cities manage and support their homeless populations?

(33:24) What will be the most exciting developments for smart cities in the new year?

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