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The Importance of an Open Digital Ecosystem in IIoT

You walk into the call center of a large transportation fleet. There are four teams separated by cubicle walls.Each group has a different "dashboard" on a tv screen. Each group is...

Digitizing a Thing’s Life: Part 3 – Consumption

New ways of consuming products alters the entire Thing Lifecycle — from product design to asset operations, not just the making an Internet of Things product. We saw in previous articles in this series...

Digitizing a Thing’s Lifecycle, Part I: Life Beyond Maintenance

Don't we love stories of IoT (Internet of Things) and how predictive maintenance delivers economic value? We are fascinated by the phase of a Thing's life that deals with operations and...

Generation IoT Goes to Work: A New Look at Work Roles

New technologies and new processes are at the heart of any Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. They lead to new business models, new organizational structures, and—inevitably—new work roles. But rarely does...

Top 5 Digital Transformation Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Companies undergoing a digital transformation have likely enjoyed increased market share and customer engagement, higher employee morale and increased customer revenue, according to the Altimeter Group.As a companion to our previous...

Four Investments Driving Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

The era of digital transformation is upon us – from exciting new technologies in digital manufacturing to powerful new opportunities to create meaningful connections with customers through the Internet of Things...