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Our clients are visionaries. They are motivated to re-shape the industry's future with new ideas. And to create game-changing products - there's a need for a strong team. MobiDev takes care of software development, so our clients can focus on what really matters.


Building Automation
Using The Internet Of Things For Smart Office Automation
Many businesses are turning to technology like smart office automation that utilizes IoT to make offices safer and reduce costs. ...
MobiDev Apr 15, 2021
How AI Is Transforming Manufacturing and Industrial IoT
Many organizations adopt various AI algorithms for their IIoT applications to make decisions in real-time and transform their business. ...
MobiDev Feb 24, 2021
AR/AI Virtual Fitting Room As A Response To Social Distancing Measures
Augmented reality is already being used in the retail industry and with the challenges of a pandemic, it becomes critical for the development of virtual fitting rooms to accelerate....
MobiDev Nov 27, 2020
Government and Cities
How To Use IoT For Smart Parking Solution Development
Innovative smart parking technology combined with IoT connectivity will help improve parking in cities. Here are various smart parking applications that use IoT....
MobiDev Apr 14, 2020
AR Indoor Navigation Technology Connects Retailers With Shoppers
Currently used indoor navigation solutions have technical limitations of user positioning accuracy. Augmented Reality technology can withdraw them, at the same time adding an immersive shopping experi...
MobiDev Feb 14, 2020

Meet MobiDev

MobiDev takes care of software development for visionaries to be focused on what really matters.

Our main areas of expertise:

AI & Machine Learning, Data Science

• Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality

• Microservices & cloud infrastructure

• Cross-platform solutions

• Native mobile & desktop development

Over its 11 years of existence, MobiDev created and delivered more than 450 products, bringing innovation to enterprises and emerging companies around the world.

The headquarters of MobiDev are located in Atlanta (USA) and Sheffield (UK). There are also 3 development centers in Ukraine with over 300 English-speaking professionals.

Software development for visionary products
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