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In 2019, we embarked on a journey to launch an Industrial IoT platform that would transform the industry. Today, Spotflow stands as a testament to that vision. Originally conceived as a cornerstone for @Datamole customers, our platform has become a catalyst for IoT innovation, connecting 100,000 devices and powering countless IoT solutions in 2020. But our story doesn't end there. Under the new Spotflow brand, we are driven by a passionate team on a mission to reshape the world through data-driven solutions. We're proud to provide a developer-friendly self-service IoT platform rooted in the foundation of industry-proven Datamole projects. Spotflow follows its mission to help companies streamline IoT solution development.

The Security of IoT Devices

The Security of IoT Devices

The nature of IoT security is multifaceted. Although many kinds of IoT devices exist, there are some common security aspects.
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