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VROC is a leading no-code AI and Automated ML SaaS. Empower your subject matter experts and engineers with a tool that lets them model their problem statements and predict future equipment failures and outcomes with no programming or coding experience. Our unique platform takes a holistic view of your facility, learning from all available data on how your processes and equipment operate. VROC alerts your team in advance of failures, providing time to mitigate and plan maintenance, helping you avoid unplanned shutdowns, improving safety and reliability, and optimizing performance.

VROC is a self-service, automated machine learning platform, specifically designed and built for industrial big data. VROC utilizes leading cloud computing processing capabilities that allow end users to build complex AI models to monitor, predict, and optimize asset performance and reliability without programming or coding experience.


  • Real-time condition monitoring and predictive insights for time-sensitive processes
  • Equipment agnostic accepting data from sensors, CMMS, historians, and labs
  • Scalable enterprise solution for holistic analysis
  • Root cause analysis and time for failure analysis
  • Rapid deployment with automated modeling
  • Advanced analytics for process optimization


  • Detect minute degradation and future failures for early intervention
  • Identify opportunities for reduced consumption
  • Identify risks and priorities
  • Increase reliability, safety, and environmental outcomes
  • Optimize processes and reduce emissions
  • Reduce OPEX


  • Smart cities, facilities, and buildings
  • Energy
  • Mining and resources
  • Utilities and Water
  • Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Maritime
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