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The Best IoT eBooks Out There

We've compiled a list of some of the best eBooks on IoT and related technologies, including real-life use cases and applications, to help you gain the foundational knowledge needed to build your ow...

How Drones Are Keeping the Lights On

The industry presence of drones is already here, and they're helping construction, agriculture, utilities, and other essential industries stay in business.

Small and Smart–Scandinavian Medium-Sized Cities Approach to IoT

When mentioning smart cities one often visualises, for instance, NYC, Singapore, Seoul etc. Actually, small and medium cities are not behind in this respect, and their customised approach can contr...

This Device Is Smarter Than Me: Enhancing IoT Security

From smart cities to the banking industry, security issues exist in all different types of IoT devices. With smart technology, we can identify and resolve security issues.

Entering the New Age Through Touchless Access Control

Access control solutions are quickly evolving and changing thanks in large part to the Coronavirus pandemic. Workplaces and offices are increasingly searching for secure solutions that will help em...